"The most important thing to remember is this: To be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become." - W.E.B. Du Bois

Thursday, August 16, 2012


       After visiting puebla, mexico on our missions trip we flew into LAX and the next day we went to DISNEYLAND! If you don't know me I am a Big fan of disneyland ..... actually rides, roller coasters, funnel cake, and fun.... Anyways I was so happy that some of the people from our missions trip got to come with us. I got to know them a little bit more. We had tons of fun and got to make some more memories!

                                                           Me and Lovely Brielle

                                            Gary, Rachel, and Emily


                                                         Brittany and Emily

                                                           Brielle and Sofia

                                                     Tower of Terror!!!!

                                                        Radiator Springs

                                                  Waiting in line for the new Car's ride
                                                    It was so fun and I won the race !!

                                                                  Emily and I

                                                    Me, Emily, and Rachel

                                           Megan, and Noah... who's gonna win...tough call

                                                           What!?! we're from outerspace

                                                         Pirates of the Caribbean
                                                                Meagan and Brittany
                                               Right before we went into the haunted
                                            house. It was their first time and they didn't
                                            know what to expect. Boy that was fun ;)



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missions trip to Puebla, Mexico 2012, Part 2

I had a really hard time uploading all of my videos so I decided just to make a full on movie of all my video clips. It was pretty fun! It's my first real try so its kinda rough, but I  hope you all will enjoy it anyways :)
Puebla, mexico missions trip 2012!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Missions trip to Puebla, Mexico 2012 / My awesomely random missions trip blog

I am so happy and thankful I was able to go on this trip not only because of the people I met, and I believe gained as friends, but also because of the work that I saw being done in puebla, mexico. It was such a blessing to spend the time we did with the wakefield family and to be able to be apart of their conference. God really spoke to my heart on this trip. To say that I was effected or that I left changed would be just the bare minimum of what took place on that trip! It was an awesome experience to have been able to visit puebla. It is absolutely beautiful! This was not my first time to mexico so I didn't experience that much culture shock , but I did experience mexican culture first hand in a way that was different the my other trips. God moved in each service beautifully, and even though we (some of us) didn't understand the language, the presence of God was something we all had in common and could connect over.  

Our Group

                                                 Noah with his "Posh" Cappuccino

                                             One of the beautiful cathedrals next
                                                            to our hotel



                                                    The Italian Coffee shop

Singing in the rain

                                              Chalula, Mexico on top of the Pyramid

                                                    Bethany and Sister Wakefield
                                                      snacking on grasshoppers

                                           Not sure Sister White is enjoying the snack

                                                             Me and Bethany

                                                 Lovely Ladies ready for Church

                                                                     The Girls :)

                                                                  The First Service

                                              Setting up for one of our street services

                                       One of our Grand adventures.........
                                      Getting stuck in the elevator with eight other people
                                      when max capicity is six total.  Besides the claustrophobia
                                      it was hilarious!

Nicole with a little boy from her church

                                        Our last service. You can't tell from this
                                        Picture but there was a serious storm happening
                                       during this service.

                                            It was awesome meeting the people from the
                                            puebla and surrounding churches.
                                           I really wanted to take this baby home.
                                          He was a total doll!

                                       This white metal "sculpture" was beautiful.
                                                At night it had blue lights glowing through it.

                                            Our crazy hair night!
                                           So much fun with these girls

                                                  Ryan's realizes the convience of purses
                                                 I think he may be converted!


                                         Us at chilis in the Guadalajara, mexico
                                         airport for some "american food".

                                                        Good Bye Mexico!

So exhausted and sad the trip is OVER :(

                                           But so excited for DISNEYLAND !!

Being able to be apart of the street service in just the small way that I was, was awesome! Being able to see how the people responded and to see how hungry they were was moving. People all around us where ever we went were hungry, not only spiritually but also for food. It just broke my heart to see all the children begging and working just so that they could eat. I know I am rambling but I guess I can't properly organize my thoughts . To sum it all up it was awesome! The wakefield girls are such sweet young ladies and  it was beautiful to see them along side their family devoted to missions.  What an awesome testamony! I really miss everyone!!!:(   Can't wait till next Year!